Browning Superposed 20 Gauge – CLASSIC SUPERLIGHT, AS NEW



General Specs: Browning, Year 1986, 20 Gauge, 5lbs 13oz, Chokes IC/M, LOP 14 1/4″, DAH 2 7/16″, DAC 1 5/8″

The Browning Superposed is world renowned as one of the finest over/under shotgun designs in history and one of John Browning’s most prolific shotguns.  The Superposed has been produced almost continuously since 1931 in plain jane field grades to the most elaborately engraved and finely stocked shotguns ever seen.  The main production for the Browning Superposed was done at the Fabrique Nationale plant in Belgium, running strong from 1931 through 1976 when production stopped.  The Superposed then became a “custom shop” only gun, still at FN Belgium, and still in limited production today.  This Browning Superposed Classic, snP33BC0309, was made in 1986, the only year of production for this model.  The factory had intended to make 5000 of these fine little guns, as it is engraved “ONE OF FIVE THOUSAND”, however only about 2500 were ever made.  Built as a “SUPERLIGHT”, the guns are delightful in hand at 5lbs. 13oz., much lighter than the Superposed Lightning.  With the 26” fixed choke IC/M this gun is ideal for chasing birds over hill and dale without fatique. This gun is brand new, likely fired a few times but not a mark on the gun anywhere.  It is housed in a Browning hard case.  The gun functions perfectly and has mirror perfect bores and great shooting dimension.  See the specifications below.  The receiver is engraved in a foliate and game scene style and is stunning, as is the wood, making this the perfect bird gun for your upcoming season and a gun that you will be proud to show off at the local gun club.  Browning Superposed SUPERLIGHT 20ga. guns have always been highly prized and collectible, and with one year only production, this gun will gain in value as you enjoy its use.  Compared to earlier engraved Superlight guns, the price is an exceptional value.  Thanks for looking!




Barrel Length:  26″

Chokes:  .008/ .016  Improved Cylinder/Modified

Bores:  excellent

Bore Diameter:  .620/ .623

Wall Thickness:  .032/ .032

% Blue:  99%

Chambers:  2 3/4″

Ribs:  tight

Sights:  Front silver bead




Action:  tight, way right of center

Ejectors or Extractors:  ejectors- timed

Case Color:  100% silver nitride with gray enamel

Screws:  perfect

Engraving:  95% cover, perfect, signed Jean H. Diet

Trigger Type:  single, crisp

Trigger Guard Color:  99% silver nitride




Type:  Straight stock/ Field forend, schnabel

LOP:  14 1/4″

LOP To End Of Wood:  13 7/8″

DAH:  2 7/16″

DAC:  1 5/8″

Cast:  Heel 1/16″off, Toe 3/16″off

Checkering Condition:  excellent w/carved borders

Butt Treatment:  Browning



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